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All of the products outlined below are available for sale online through this website.

POINT-BLANK™ Expansion – Additional Holder Program
 For in-depth product specifications, please download the 2005 New Products Catalog.

The overwhelming response to LMT-Fette’s POINT-BLANKTM turning system has created the need to further expand the program. This program now includes popular Swiss-style OD turning holders and common boring bars.

This patented holder allows for the coolant to be put exactly where it is needed, on the cutting edge. This alone has a significant impact on chip control, tool life, and work piece surface finish.

With our patented POINT-BLANKTM design, the coolant is directed to the cutting edge by way of our patented top plate or coolant nozzle design. There no longer is the worry of coolant lines being moved by stringy chips or high-coolant pressure. You will always have directional control of your coolant, and have it right where it is needed, on the cutting edge.

Application Area
The POINT-BLANKTM tool holder is designed for use in all rough or finish turning applications. Where any standard turning holder is being used, the POINT-BLANKTM tool holder can be used. There is no longer the worry of where the coolant is hitting the insert. The versatile design of the POINT-BLANKTM tool holder allows maximum coolant volume and pressure to be put directly on the cutting edge. With standard coolant pumps, increased coolant velocity can be obtained to help with tool life and chip control.

The primary advantage of POINT-BLANKTM tool holder concept is its ability to run LMT-Fette’s turning inserts at higher speeds and feeds because of the security and velocity of the coolant flow. Additionally, all the dimensions are the same as standard tool holders so the machine programs do not have to be changed. The coolant-through capability allows for excellent tool life, as well as tremendous chip evacuation. The increased coolant velocity keeps the chips from adhering to the cutting edge and reduces the temperature at the cutting edge via increased lubricity, even while cutting at higher cutting speeds. Lastly, the POINT-BLANKTM tool holder can be used with all standard LMT-Fette turning inserts, as well as any ANSI or ISO standard turning insert.