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All of the products outlined below are available for sale online through this website.

 HSC LINE® – Hard Milling Solid Carbide Ballnose End Mills
 For in-depth product specifications, please download the 2005 New Products Catalog.

LMT-Fette’s new HSC LINE® of Solid Carbide End Mills are designed exclusively for the demanding high-speed machining market. These new end mills feature a premium sub-micrograin substrate combined with LMT-Fette’s superb AL2 Plus Titanium Aluminum Nitride PVD coating, offering an excellent combination of performance and value. The new product features standard, metric ballnose end mills from 0.4mm (.0169 ) to 12mm (.4729 ) in common sizes. In addition, LMT-Fette’s new HSC product also offers many of these items in short, long, and extra long lengths for all of your toughest applications.

Application Area
The new HSC LINE® of products is designed to meet the demands of today’s die and mold market. The line is for tool steels up to 60 Rc, austenitic stainless steels, and both grey and nodular iron. Additionally, with its TiAlN coating, this new product performs excellent on demanding aerospace materials, Inconel, Hastelloy, etc. However, the primary application area is in the machining of H13, P20, S7 and all of today’s common die and mold workpiece materials.

With the high-speed machining market rapidly growing in the U.S. and Canada, our customers continue to look for vendors that offer a comprehensive product offering, along with products that consistently perform in heat treated steels. Our new HSC LINE® exceeds all of these requirements, offering exceptional performance at a reasonable price.

Like the TWINCUT Feed, the new HSC LINE® is generally designed for the materials commonly used in the North American die and mold industry, such as H13, P20, etc. These materials typically run in the 28–42 Rc range, with some of the hardened H13 running up in to the low 50 Rc range. Additionally, many of the die and punch manufacturers in North America are machining A2 and D2 Tool Steel at a hardness exceeding 60 Rc. The HSC LINE® is also designed to perform well in these materials at significantly lower cutting speeds.

The primary advantages of the LMT-Fette’s new HSC LINE® lie in the design of the product. This new product, unlike many of our competitors, is designed exclusively to meet the demands of high-speed machining of hardened die and mold steels. The LC620T and LC630T are each optimized for their corresponding cutter family to offer the perfect combination of heat and wear resistance, with excellent edge toughness.

The AL2 Plus coating is a unique PVD TiAlN coating designed to provide the perfect combination of heat resistance and lubricity, adding to the versatility of these products.

Lastly, the geometry of the HSC LINE® is also designed for hardened materials, with rake angles and edge preparations capable of handling the demands put on a tool when machining materials up to 60 Rc.